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Lip Primer Online Makeup

Iona Cosmetics has a good selection of Eye and Lip primers besides the many other exclusive makeup products you can find on its website. Everyone who loves makeup and knows how to do it understands the importance of a good base over the skin besides starting off with the rest of the makeup.

After a basic foundation has been applied to the skin, it is now time to turn towards the detailing of eyes and lips. But there is one thing more that you need to apply on both these areas so that your makeup lasts for a long time. A lip and eye primer does just that. 

Buying lip primer makeup online will give you the guarantee that you are getting a good quality base to be used on your soft skin on the lips. The Iona Cosmetics eye and lip primer is a soft water-proof base which is going to protect these areas from creasing as it is incorporated with the purest herbal extracts. But other than that it is going to provide a neutral shade to your lips and eyes to bring out the true color of the product you will be applying on top.